The Ghost builder is a very versatile builder. In general, most Ghost builds are very DPS heavy whilst lacking in tankiness, though tank heavy builds are available. Most Ghost towers require a minimum supply cost to build or upgrade; a truly low carbon footprint.

Ghost's racial passive is Ethereal Cloaking - All Ghosts units have a 7.5% chance to evade all attacks. If no other Ghost units are within 2 range, dodge is doubled.

List of TowersEdit

  1. Spectre>Wraith>Mercurial
  2. Wanderer>Soul of Hero or Soul of Villan
  3. Phantom>Hell Raiser
  4. Outcast>Forsaken One
  5. Apparition>Gravekeeper
  6. Dark Priest>Meridian

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Against the first boss, The Infestor, it may be a good strategy to have both a Mercurial as well as the inferior Wraith beside it. This is because the Mercurial's special ability, Traumatize (slows enemy 30%+), can stack with the Wraith's special ability, Disturb (slows enemy 20%), further reducing the creep's speed, while 2 Mercurials will not have their Traumatize effect stacked.